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Around 1.45 billion people in the world don’t have a Bible in their first language. This number represents about 20% of the global population. Our goal is to print the FireBible in the top 100 languages of the world. This would resource 75% of the world’s population with a one-book biblical library in their very own heart language!

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Life Publishers produces Christian resources and FireBibles in numerous languages. Click below to see everything available. 

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Life Publishers is a global ministry of the Assemblies of God World Missions. Click on the button below to learn about our ministry.


We Are Bringing The Fire Of God's Word To The Human Heart Around The World

The FireBible is currently available in over 65 languages. Why stop there? Every year, we select a few of our ongoing language projects to focus on. When you donate to one of these projects, you help ensure it will progress into the next phase.


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The FireBible App

Unleash the power of God’s Word with The FireBible app. Dive into unlimited access of the Study Notes, Articles, and ThemeFinders, then immerse yourself in ancient and modern-day Israel with 360 videos and models!

 These easy-to-understand notes offer insight into the meaning and application of each verse. Over 1,200,000 words are added in commentary, notes and articles in the Firebible, with 2,386 in the New Testament and 3,133 in the Old Testament. 

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