H. Maurice Lednicky – Book Bundle

This is a bundle of 5 books written by author H. Maurice Lednicky, sold at a discount! The included books are:  – A Silver Coin in a Fish’s Mouth– Before you Step Into the Pulpit– The DNA of Faith– Kingdom Living– Marching Around Jericho: Mastering the Disciplines of Life  

Before you Step Into the Pulpit

Directed to those who have recently responded to a call to pulpit ministry. Speaks to Biblical examples, practical application for the minister, plus various examples of sermon styles. Author: H. Maurice Lednicky Format: Paperback Published: 2013 Pages: 95 Published By: Life Publishers International

De Mujer a Mujer

Amar como Jesús ama. Atrapada entre el temor y la indiferencia, Joy Loewen hizo todo lo posible por evitar a las mujeres musulmanas. Entonces aprendió algo que cambió su vida: Muchas de estas mujeres son irresistiblemente atraídas por el amor de Jesús. El darse cuenta de esta verdad fundamental, junto con su propio amor profundo […]

The Mystery of the Seven Shepherds

The prophet Micah, in Micah 5:5, revealed a powerful seven-fold deliverance, by the seven shepherds of Israel. Who were the seven shepherds? Jewish tradition identifies them as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, and David. We will glean wisdom from the lives of these leaders looking at them from a Hebraic/Middle Eastern perspective. Micah’s prophecy, […]

La Paradoja Del Liderazgo

Dr. Flattery bases this book on Matthew 20:20-28 which tells the story of Jesus interacting with the disciples about greatness and leadership. He points out that this story brings into focus several major leadership issues. In Jesus’ teaching on the central issue, He drew a sharp contrast between rulers that stress authority and leaders that […]

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