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FireBible Graphics

11x8.5 Brochure

Every FireBible bought in America helps to finance the creation of a FireBible in another heart language somewhere in the world.

Commitment card

This card features the 2023 Focus Projects as well as a form to pledge your giving to FireBible.

Inventory Card

Use this card to make an offering to FireBible. Count all the Bibles you own and make an offering of $10 per Bible. ​

Event powerpoint

Various slides about FireBible you can use hosting your FireBible event.

Commitment card

FireBible Graphic showing completed languages

Graphic quote

Quote from Pastor Spahija. - Albania

Event powerpoint

General rack card with information about FireBible

FireBible Videos

amy farley testimony

Amy Farley - Vietnam

pastor william bogata

Pastor William Bogata - Columbia

2022 chin firebible reprint

Jeff Dove - FireBible Director

joel robinson

Joel Robinson - FireBible Story

Quechua General Video

Bob Holloway - Missionary to Peru

Pastor Dutta-Punjabi

Pastor Dutta - Punjabi, India.

Slovenia FireBible Project

John Dougherty - Georgia District 2022

mongolia firebible project

Jeff Dove - Mongolian FireBible

pastor dige

Haitian Pastor Rivenson Dige - Interview

Vietnamese Launch

Jeff Dove - comments on FireBible Launch.

Nepal Launch

Jeff Dove - comments on FireBible Launch

2023 FireBible Video

Jeff Dove - promotional FireBible video.

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